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Images courtesy of stage photographer at Raqs Brittania
Bellydance Superstar weekend 2007 (Blackpool, UK)

Beverli has devised and developed Rotational Yoga from lifetime studies and practise in sport and body therapies... including Yoga (Hatha, Kundalini, Tantra, Kriya), Dance (Ballet, Jazz, Arabic Bellydance, South Indian classical Bharat Natayam Hawaiian Hula), Chinese Martial Arts (Tai Chi Cguan , Shaolin Kung Fu) and various styles of energy healing.

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Beverli apprenticed under Sat-nam Kaur who had trained under Kundalini Master Yogi Bhajan. In 2001, Beverley was groomed to teach the pure Hatha classes and during this time tailored her own healing yoga style to initially overcome old injuries which were preventing the access of many postures in full capacity.

Rotational Yoga is influenced by the isolation bodywork in Oriental Dance (bellydance) in seeking the flexibility of all body joints. It further places yoga in inner and outer perspective, creating sequences of environmental flow within the traditional module of pose and counter-pose, linked by the breath and moving to a universal metronome. Additionaly, the concepting of Shaolin Kung Fu's adaptation of animal poses has influenced Beverley in the focus to the spine and feet, powering balance and natural co-ordination.

Rotational Yoga Asana (body postures) is taught with 70% floorwork to focus on the strengthening elements of isolated parts, removing all dangers of strain and sharpening the Yogic focus.

Beverli teaches privately and in group workshops to dancers and athletes all over the world, where yoga is tailored to the needs of the individual/group.

Beverli is experienced in rehabilitating body trauma (spasms, scar tissue, healing bones), relieving pain (from arthritis to migrane) and adressing aches of unknown origin. Rotational Yoga is suitable for anyone wishing to become more supple, stretch particular areas of the body, heal through muscle and ligament tears and mental blocks (balancing, going backwards etc). Old injuries and and lifetime problems can be healed through steady and committed progress! Any distress to the musculor-skeletal system, neurological system, respitory system, circulatory system, internal organs and digestive function may be balanced. Beverley is specialised and experienced in individuals with severely impaired disability.

Oriental dancers will benefit from Beverley's personal experiences in opening the hips for dance, and stretching the spine and upper body to create strength and stability for body rolls, layerings and extensive use of the rib cage, stomach and back.


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