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These workshops can teach first-time or inexperienced users how to hold, move, frame and dance with the oriental dance accessories... OR tailored to intermediate dancers developing their range OR to advanced dancers to create dynamic, professional, spectacular performances...

BASIC VEIL (beginners) familiarises with holding the veil and allowing it to move in shapes with you in your dance space.


BASIC SWORD (intermediate) teaches first stage ease and comfort in frames, balances and movement with the weapon.

DOUBLE SWORD (pro) teaches balances and movement with two weapons.




mod classical arabic COURSE 5 BLANKDATES
mod TURKISH foundation course II BLANKDATES

EGYPTIAN WOMEN'S NUBIAN DANCE CHOREOGRAPHY (any level) explore foot, shoulders and hand/arm movement that shape the style. This workshop uses a large veil that is wrapped on the head and flows down the back, capturing the effect and essence of the root of the dance as it is performed by the indigenous communities of Nubians living in South Egypt on the Sudanese border. Participants need to bring their own large veil.

mod TURKISH development course II BLANKDATES



HISTORICAL PERSIAN QAJAR DANCE celebrates the height of classical dance in the Middle East in the 1700's to 1900's. The Qajar dynasty hosted the first Oriental Dance concerts in the region, celebrating a style of movement that blends classical Indian Dance, ballet and Sufi whirling.

BEGINNER PERSIAN QAJAR DANCE TECHNIQUE is an entry level workshop aimed at helping dancers develop grace, gente feminine lines, foot and arm coordination, extension and power/timing for the feet and legs. Basic arm patterns, basic ballet feet, legs and barwork, light stepping and musical breath are explored.

INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED PERSIAN QAJAR CHOREOGRAPHIES. Requirements for participation include experience with ballet (or jazz) skills which are needed to perform the more intricate footwork and in developing simple turning into more detailed decorative oriental whirling. The workshops will include lengthy ballet drilling for warmups and will be sculped to the level of dancers taking part.

MODERN PERSIAN DANCE (all levels) - A basic introduction to the soft hip techniques and decorative arms that could be used to dance on modern Iranian Music.

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